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Paper Template

The content of the poster

The content of the poster should include the following items:

  • Article title
  • Author or authors
  • Affiliations (academic degree and the name of the university or institute)
  • Abstract and keywords
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Findings
  • Discussion and conclusion
  • References


Poster manual

The size of the poster should be 70×100 centimeters.

Article title: The title should be written on top of the poster,and the font size should be large enough so that the reader can easily read it from a two-meter distance. For example,you can use the headline font.

Author or authors: The names of the authors should be written under the title with a smaller font.

Affiliations: The affiliations should be written under the authors’ names with the same size as the authors’ names.


Abstract and keywords

In the abstract of the article,the purpose,results and keywords should be mentioned. Also,the abstract should be 250 words at most.


The main content of the article (this part can be also added to the poster,if desired)

Abstract: The reader should be able to easily read the content of this part and the rest from a one-meter distance. Therefore,it is recommended that the font size be between 14 and 18. We recommend B Nazanin font as the best choice.

Methods: This section should be also short and adequate,while containing the main message of the article.

Findings: Taste and style are of great importance when including tables,charts and images in the article. This part should be written in a way that the reader can easily relate to it.

References: This part should be written with great caution. If the references are too extensive,only a selection would be sufficient to be included in the poster. This part should be written with a smaller font size (between 12 and 16).