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The Supreme Leaders Emphasis on the Development of Traditional Medicine in the Issued Health Policies


The supreme leader commanded all authorities in the field of health to use the great potentials of traditional medicine. Therefore,all authorities and practitioners are expected to target their efforts towards implementing general health policies.

On April 7,2014,the supreme leader issued the “general health policies” in Paragraph 1 of Article 110 of the Constitution. In this article consisting of 14 paragraphs,a variety of issues such as strengthening the competitive market for providing health insurance services,prioritizing prevention over treatment,updating health and medical programs and sustainable financing of health sectors were addressed.


One of the issued paragraphs was related to the recognition,explanation,promotion,development and institutionalization of traditional Iranian medicine. This paragraph encompasses different items:

  • Promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and supporting scientific and technological innovations in the production and supply of traditional medicinal products under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • Standardization and update of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in traditional medicine and the related products
  • Exchanging experiences with other countries in the field of traditional medicine


This paragraph is one of the main aims of this congress,since the exchange of experience leads to the development of traditional medicine in our country and increases the national potentials for discovering a variety of methods in complementary medicine.

  • The supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education on traditional medical services and herbal medicines
  • Establishing a balanced interaction between traditional and modern medicine for improving therapeutic methods and experiences
  • Modifications in dietary patterns and lifestyle


The supreme leader has paid particular attention to traditional medicine over the past years. In a meeting with university professors,he referred to the establishment of the School of Traditional Medicine as “good news”. In this regard,in 2008,he addressed the president at the time:

"Mr. President,medicinal plants and traditional medicine may open the door to mitigating major health care issues. With the help of Great God Almighty,Your efforts and attention to this matter can be of great significance."

Following the supreme leaders command,by the efforts of the ninth government and the Vice-President of Science and Technology,"The Association of the Development and Application of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Iranian Medicine" was established in 2009 and began its activities. This association was established with the aim to promote the countrys position in the field of herbal medicine. It also aimed to restore traditional Iranian medicine,develop a roadmap for future progress,design administrative strategies and organize,manage and synchronize different institutions.

In one of his speeches,the supreme leader described the Iranian Islamic medicine: "At a time when Europe was mired in Dark Ages,in our beloved Iran,people like Avicenna nourished the society with science and culture. We had Avicenna whose scripts and books are still regarded as important references in academic curriculums at medical universities across the world. We had Muhammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi and others like him. Why shouldn not we be optimistic about the independence of our national sciences?"

Considering the fact that the supreme leader has always recognized "lifestyle" as an essential part of Islamic development and civilization,changes in lifestyle are considered of utmost importance. One of the strategies to alter the prevalent lifestyle is to pay attention to traditional Islamic and Iranian medicine,which not only includes various methods for disease prevention,self-care and treatment,but also can dictate and modify one’s lifestyle.

In addition to people,governing systems need to take this matter into consideration in order to benefit from the advantages of traditional Iranian and Islamic medicine,along with modern medicine technologies to promote both physical and spiritual aspects of health.